Church Introduction

The Church of The Antichrist 999 and the Temple of Satanic Kali concepts were created to express my full opposition and rebellion against the Judeo-Christian domination of much of the planet, laws, and values. This was later upgraded to include opposing all Abrahamic religions, political conservatives, and supporters of capitalist oppression, etc.

We have become the champions of many human rights, especially sexual rights and true equality! Our path is a true liberal progressive advancement for humanity. We stand against all religious or political extremism and fanaticism!

The main core doctrines include the Tantric Philosophy of 999, Kali and Goddess Devotion, The Satanic Moral-Value System, The Private Socialist System, The Sexual Healing Mystical Science of Mind and Body, Ancient Holy Whore Concept, etc. These doctrines and many more are designed to create a spiritually advanced temple world society for our people and supporters.

Liberal Sexuality and Sexual Freedom have become the major core emphasis of our temple. Through our doctrines, beliefs, and sexual healing practices, we believe that we achieve complete fulfillment of mind and body. This enables humans to reach their full potential as enlightened Satanic beings!

The Satanic concept begins as an Adversarial belief and practice, not one of devil worship, not one of evil! The Satanic concept has evolved in my temple to represent also spiritually enlightened beings! This also could be considered a modern Luciferian definition.

The Ancient Holy Whore concept is reborn through our temple as a new order of Priestesses and Priests brings the Tantric Healing Arts back into existence. The time has come to resurrect the ancient glory and divine nature of these ancient arts and the practitioners themselves!

We also have recognized that our temple will need to be defended from the hordes of vile Christians, Judaists, and Muslims, etc., who are so fanatical to believe they represent the only truth and have devoted themselves to fighting anything that opposes their Judeo-Christian moral-value system.

Therefore, the Satanic Warrior-Priests and Priestesses have risen from the darkness and stand in the light to defend our Satanic Temple fortress from these primitive spiritually backward humans who will stop at nothing to take away our rights again!

The Satanic Soldiers, Warrior-Priests, and Priestesses will train hard and unite into a great militia to defend our people across the planet. The Satanic League will embrace the spiritual war that has long been waged as a war of opposing moral-value systems. We fight in defense, not for imperialist gains. We embrace love, and hate only when it is necessary. We stand for unity and peace, equality and justice, freedom and spiritual evolution! - Rev. Caesar 999